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Friday, November 26, 2004 

Crazy Like a Fox

The big story of the last three days among the media has of course been the resignation of Dan Rather as the chief anchor of "CBS Evening News." All sorts of theories have abound as to why Rather is leaving right now. Some say it's because of the false report CBS News ran during the recent election on President George Bush's national guard service. Others say he has been planning it since before the Sept.11th attacks, but remained on in the wake of the aftermath of that terrorist assault. Whatever the reason, I think most Americans really don't care - and I am chief among them. You see, I don't watch Dan Rather. Or Tom Brokow or Peter Jennings for that matter. I generally only watch Fox News. But why would I do such a thing? It's on cable for crying out loud! Well, it's because only Fox News seems to understand me. And that's why, I think, Fox News destroys all the other networks in the cable news race. It's a simple supply-and-demand scenario. Americans are demanding a newscast that doesn't pervert facts, approaches news from a moralistic perspective, and seeks to understand their viewers. Fox is the only one I have found to be supplying that.

Take for example "Fox and Friends," the network's answer to a morning-wakeup program. Wednesday morning they interviewed Rebecca St. James, a Christian singer/songwriter from Australia. She is one of the loudest voices in the Nashville recording scene for sexual abstinence. In fact, I have even made fun of how much she says the word, "Virgin" in her concerts. Regardless, she is a solid role model for teenagers and young adults alike who live in the midst of a sex-crazed culture. Now, not only did Fox News interview her this morning, but they allowed her to say the name of Jesus and to deliver a message of anti-feminism which she details in her new book, She: Safe, Healthy, Empowered, without being made to look like an idiot for holding to what most perceive as an archaic mindset. In fact, she was not only praised by the woman who conducted the interview, but she was seemingly agreed with as well (something you won't see on other networks)!

Now I could go on with example after example of what I have seen over the past few months on Fox News that has led me to this conclusion, but suffice it to say that Fox News is, for me, the new benchmark of accurate and insightful reporting. So I say, "Getownoudaheah, Dan Rather, there's a new sheriff in town, and he's crazy like a Fox!"

Have a Great Thanksgiving Watching Fox News,

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