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Tuesday, July 12, 2005 

Genocide or Jackson: An Idiotic Media

My non-conservative friend Howie posted an excellent resource on his site regarding the current genocide in Darfur. The media has definately dropped the ball on keeping us informed on what is really happening in Sudan. At a time when the Runaway Bride and Michael Jackson are the main headlines, you would think they would give at least 5 minutes for the slaughter of 400,000. But unfortunately this is not the case. Click here to watch the video and tell the media you are disappointed in their programming choices. Click here to support the Darfur Advocacy Fund. And join the fight to save thousands.

Until Christ Is Formed in All of Us,

Thanks D.R.!

This is great D.R. We're having a prayer service this weekend at our church for the situation in Darfur. There's a national effort going on this weekend for churches to pray and act. I think www.savedarfur.org gives more details.

Off topic here D.R., but I appreciate your post on that Gay-Friendly thread at eSBCL. Let's show some support for folks what are sticking their necks out for "missional."

This seems to be the most recent info from IMB.

Unfortunately, it's over a year old.

This is also completely off-topic, but Bruce Prescott just closed the comments at his so-called Mainstream Baptist blog. I can only assume he did so because of my comments; it is apparently easier to turn off comments altogether than it is to defend his indefensible assertions about conservative Christians and Southern Baptist leaders in particular.

Perhaps we could continue the discussion here, where comments are less likely to be removed out of spite?

Thanks everyone for contributing.

Janalee, I hope your prayer service goes well and much attention is brought to the church regarding this serious matter. And thanks for the link. I will check it out.

Marty, thanks for your encouragement and for stopping by.

Anonymous, I don't want to continue the discussion here because I don't want to waste space discussing someone whose posts are generally negative. I don't want to stoop to that guy's level. I would be doing exactly what he does while he accuses others of doing so. I'm all for ending the vicious cycle and trusting God to honor His word and those who seek to glorify Him. I don't see a lot of negativity doing that. But thanks for stopping by and for being a voice of reason over there.

No problemo. :)

D.R. I wanted to let you know your attitude and effort here are a blessing to me.

D.R., thank you for your uplifting comments. Man, things have been weird in New Orleans lately and I've been stressing. Even when things seem like they might be progressing toward the end goal. Anyway, you've been an encouragement. I appreciate that.

And anonymous, if you're also known by the moniker Bruce Wayne, man, you gotta just give in and come out to the world as to who you are.

I'm off on my little adventure now. I hope to be back and at it again soon.


D.R., I'm going to Nashville in a few days to work with Jason Davis at his church plant, Grace Park Church. I added the link on my site if you want to check it out. I guess ya'll know each other. Anyway, I wanted to see if you knew how I could get in touch with Aaron at UNO. Liz Stewart and I were talking the other day and she explained that Jonathan Clark was just the interim BCM director. If you can email me, I'd appreciate it. Joseph.L.Kennedy at gmail.com. Thanks man. Peace.

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