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Wednesday, September 14, 2005 

Katrina: The SBC effort in New Orleans

My friend Aaron Arledge from NOBTS now has a new job. His old job was Baptist Collegiate Ministry Director at the University of New Orleans and Assistant Metro Director for the Greater New Orleans BCM. But all that ended on August 29th when Katrina made landfall as a Cat 4 Hurricane. His new job is to coordinate collegiate disaster relief efforts to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. It's a much bigger job than he thinks he can handle. But, I think he is just the guy for the task. He has asked me to help a bit by getting the word out that he is looking for a few good collegiate men and women (well actually quite a number more than that) to come to the Gulf Coast areas that were ravaged by Hurricane Katrina and give aid to those who have and are continually suffering in the aftermath. I am hoping to get him to post his vision for the relief efforts very soon. Stay tuned for more details. For now, here is his contact info:

Cell Phone: 504-235-6462
Email: aaronarledge at hotmail

Aaron has said that he can provide housing in the New Orleans area for any groups or individuals who would like to come. But he needs workers. If you are a college student or young adult who is interested please contact him ASAP. If you can't come immediately or in the next couple of months, but you can come in December or next summer, contact him anyway. He is planning on continuing this project for at least a year. Thanks to all those who can help.

D.R., thanks for the update on Aaron. Kelly and I were wondering how he was doing. I know he will do a great job with it.

DR, thanks. I've already emailed Aaron. We met finally at the ministry fair just before school started. I'm hoping he sends a line back about helping out. I'm all about it. Been waiting to get back in, and this would be wonderful.

As you know I am surrrounded by college students on a daily basis and would love to get some groups to come over to New Orleans asap. I can also pass on info the campus minister here. Let me know that email address and do I know Aaron? Anyways, I am still waiting on a post addressing the heresy coming from Lakewood out in Houston.

I will add my voice of thanks and I’ll especially remember you all in prayer.

I like your site. Always good to read about issues from a conservative position.


Need your help. Can you reach out to the folks at the Founders Conference? Ponthcartrain Baptist is GONE! The breach in the levee was right next the church. Jerry and Rhonda are in Mississippi. People are scattered. Let's see if Founder's will help lead an effort to bring a team in to help rebuild.

DR-what is taking you so long to post something new? Just wondering...

Nice photo, dude.

I want my money back! This blog sucks!

Post something already...

I would like to discuss inerrancy with you offline, if possible. You can contact me at:
pbjwalker at mac.com.

By the way, I appreciated your posts about political christians and Steve Camp's thesis.


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