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Wednesday, January 18, 2006 

The New God Squad -- Pat Robertson and Ray Nagin

Well it appears that the Democrats and Liberals, not to be undone by Pat Robertson, now have their own voice of God in Ray Nagin, mayor of New Orleans. I have felt since Katrina hit that Nagin has done a rather poor job of staying cool, calm, and under control. Here is one more example of that. Nagin, during a Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration made the following comments:
As we think about rebuilding New Orleans, surely God is mad at America. He's sending hurricane after hurricane after hurricane. But surely he's upset at black America also. We're not taking care of ourselves. We're not taking care of our women. And we're not taking care of our children.
So there you have it. Ray Nagin -- a new voice of God for the Democratic party. Now, there is no doubt that this will receive much less attention from the mainstream media and those who so quickly attack guys like Robertson, who sits on the other side of the fence from them politically.

The update on this story is that Nagin has apologized for these comments. According to the Associate Press, Tuesday Nagin stated that he "said some things that were totally inappropriate. ... It shouldn't have happened." So he followed up in correct God Squad protocol -- make a dumb statement about why God did something and then apologize afterward. I think the Dems have a winner. Now he just needs to make a bad bid for President followed by starting a news show about politics and religion from a liberal perspective and their ingenious plan will be complete.

"Their ingenious plan will be complete"
I love it!

I have to give props to CNN-(I am a hater of both Fox and CNN so don't go getting any ideas that I am some sort of tree hugging hippee by watching such an abomination-All media is full of lies if you ask me)I tuned in to Anderson Cooper 360 last night because all day it was advertised that Mr. Nagin would be appearing on his show to explain the ignorant comments he made earlier on MLK day. Anyways, upon tuning in, I found that Mr. Nagin had backed out at the last minute due to an "emergency" down at the Bourbon House resturaunt in the French Quarter. Anderson Cooper, his coorespondent who was reporting live from the resturaunt, and his panel including Rev. Jesse Jackson, Watts and a contributing writer for Newsweek all punked Nagin out. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life. I totally agree with the woman from Newsweek who said in reference to Nagin's mouth-"He needs to shut his mouth until the end of eternity". I also was impressed at the number of African Americans who called in to the show obviously upset by the racial comments made by the mayor. One even said what everyone else was thinking, that is if that comment had been made by a white mayor calling for a vanilla city he would have been forced from office. Now, I am in no way prejudice, but if I were black or white I would not return to New Orleans until he was out of office-not because he is a black racist and wants a chocolate city, but because he is a moron. Adrienne

I am surprised that a man who uses God's name in vain as much as does Ray Nagin is close enough to Him to be able to speak His mind. Was that being judgmental?

off topic - if you would like to converse about my comments to howie please feel free to email me. the link to my email is on my site. alternatively i host a forum called the holy wild at www.theholywild.com and you are more than welcome to open up this discussion there if you prefer it be public. blog comments hardly seem the place for a decent discussion ya know?

Where is a new post? Are you still posting these days? adrienne

Interesting blog. Are you still posting? Have you ever reported on Jesse Duplantis?

Yes, I am still posting, but lately I have been a little busy with work and my wife going to school and working full-time. But I have been thinking about things I wanted to post on.

Spiritual Path,
I have never researched Duplantis, but living in New Orleans for 3 years, I heard a lot about him. he is quite a scam artist himself.

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