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Thursday, February 23, 2006 

John Piper is the Worst Pastor -- EVER!

John Piper is having a bad week in the blogs (though I doubt he cares much). First, he is called a hyper-Calvinist (as noted below), then some guy named Rhett Smith takes issue with his article, "Don't Waste Your Cancer," (go here for more details on this) and now Brent Thomas of Colossians Six Thirteen fame reports that on a recent search for a quote on God's glory being manifested in creation, he ran across the article, "John Piper Forsakes His People" from www.littlegeneva.com (when I clicked on the link, however, the title atop the window was, "John Piper is a Lying Traitor"). It apparently is written by a guy named Harry Seabrook on behalf of this site, whose tag line is "Reformed Confederate Theocrats: Creating an Old Kind of Christian" with Jeremiah 6:16 as their theme verse. The site advocates a viewpoint called Kinism (here is an article found on the site), which I had never heard of previously. Wikipedia offers a helpful article here, and here is an except to give you the general idea:
Kinists believe that when God dispersed mankind at the Tower of Babel, He segregated each race. They all are apologists for Southern slavery and the ante-bellum South, and consider themselves followers of the Presbyterian minister R. L. Dabney, who was a chaplain in the Confederate army. They are strict Sabbatarians and are paleoconservative, only they reject capitalism in favor of "covenantal agrarian" economics. They are fierce opponents of industrialism and modernity.
Apparently, Piper has drawn their ire because he actually supports interracial marriage *gasp* and says that it is good for God's people and society in general *double gasp*. So, because of that he is a traitor (as if he was ever a friend to these guys).

And to top it all off, he is recovering from surgery he had Valentine's Day to remove prostate cancer. Wow! So, a full week for Dr. Piper, he is attacked by cancer, non-Calvinists, white supremacists, and open theists. What will next week hold? Islamofacists, Liberals, and pro-abortionists, maybe? We should all remember to pray for this man whom God has used to influence thousands of college students and young adults to seek after the glory of God in all things.

People are insane. This is, actually, the third time today I've read about white supremecists. Sad. Very, very sad.

I love it when people are uninformed and twist Scripture to fit their worldview! Yikes, people are just crazy! ~Theresa

Thanks for this post. I can't believe how strange this stuff is. WIll it ever be possible to disagree as Christians and not get so offended and nasty?

I would, since I know of him, not include Rhett Smith with white supremacists. If you read all his posts, you will see that the discussion is thoughtful and important. He even apologized for his tone o nhis initial post and offers a prayer for his recovery.


Love the new look. I almost thought I was in the wrong place when I saw the title of this post and the new look. I thought I was on somebody else's sight who was trashing Piper.

As to the post, amen. Piper has had a profound impact on me and my ministry.

Unbelievable! Why is there so much venom in Christian circles? I like your new look too.


Good post. This is convicting to me. It doesn't feel so good for someone you respect to be misunderstood and maligned. Good reminder to be careful with our (electronic) tongues.



I didn't mean to necessarily include Rhett with white supremecy, but with comments critical to Piper this week. I did read his blog and actually wrote two comments, one on the original post and one on his "Piper Finale" post. The first, while critical, I felt was respectful. I tried to highlight the differences in his theological views and Piper's and noted that his fantasy about how Piper does pastoral counseling was just that -- a fantasy, since 26+ years of being a beloved pastor say otherwise. The second comment I left on his final post about this, I was very complimentary, noting his humility and his willingness to see past his own understanding of what comforts us in the midst of struggle. I even noted that this divide between our views is due in part to a lack of dialogue between Reformed theologians and Emergents and I said that needed to change. He moderates his comments (which I think is never a good thing) and thus decided not to include mine.

But in the end, he seems to be within the camp of Open Theism and was still critical of Piper for his theological views, as was Dr. Caner, and the white supremecists. Beyond that I would agree that the three have little in common.

I don't think Piper's critics bother him. Critics make us stronger, refining our arguments.



Thanks so much for the support, I really appreciate it. By the way, great new look! Good job.

I would just like to say that Bernie has a good perspective. There will always be critics. The question becomes how we deal with them. Do we lower to their level, or do we stand on Scripture and its principles, primarily love in the face of opposition!

There was a time (not too long ago) when it was prevalent and natural (gasp! - to use your hackneyed expression) for Whites to regard miscegination as unnatural and repellent. I take it you are more comfortable with today's prevalent racial socialism at least as it regards race-mixing between the sexes.

Among other idiocies of your position on this matter, I would guess you are either unaware or insanely unconcerned that people of European derivation (white people) are down to about 8% of the world's population from about 30% a century ago. But no worries mate. Race is just a social construct - an illusion really - no?


I don't know if you are the one who wrote the original article, but nonetheless, welcome to my 8-year old post. While I certainly don't share your concern about the falling percentage of those of "Eurpoean derivertion," I will say that I am certainly concerned with the heretical views of Kinists (or at least at one time I was). Kinists fail to grasp the full breath of Biblical theology and completely miss God's intention for creating race (which by the way is pretty clearly set forth in Philippians 2:10; Revelation 5:9; and Revelation 7:9 - in order that they might all one day worship together, in unison, the Son of God who purchased them with His blood). That Gospel truth is far greater than any Kinistic distortion of God's Holy Word.

Futhermore, I despise socialism and find it to have nothing to do with the discussion of God's purpose for the creation of ethnicity and I take exception to the idea that I hold that race is a social construct.

On the contrary, as noted above, race was purposefully created by God and predestined to exist before the foundation of the world. And though it was meant to initially divide us, ultimately at the coming of Christ it was meant to unite us all under the Banner of Christ.

You see, God used the creation of race to drive men to the corners of the Earth that they might take dominion over all things. Over time, he uplifted races and destroyed them in accordance with His grace, as well as their sin. And He could have very well chosen one over the other with absolutely no input from us.

Even now God is working to bring about His will and His greatest desire is for His glory to be displayed in every tribe, every tongue, every nation, and certainly every race. Everything in Scripture seems to point to the reality that ethnicity is of no consequence when it comes to the grace of God. He chooses those to whom He will bestow His grace not on their race or ethnicity, but after the counsel of His perfect will.

For example, in perfect wisdom God chose to mix the Jewish race with that of Tamar and then with the Canaanite prostitute Rahab, making both offspring to be within in the lineage of His Son Jesus Christ.

In the very next generation God again chooses a Gentile sinner - Ruth, a member of the cursed race of the Moabites - to bring forth King David just two generations later.

So, yeah, I disagree with the false theology of the Kinists and believe that interracial marriage is just fine with the God and Creator of the Universe. After all, He's shown time and time again that race and ethnicity are HIS constructs, meant always to glorify Him as He builds His Kingdom from every tribe, tongue, and nation.

Harry I hope you will consider these things, see the truth of the Word and repent of your false theology. Otherwise, you might find it quite uncomfortable to be worshipping alongside of men of every color when one day we will all equally bow our knee and proclaim Jesus Christ Lord and Savior to the glory of God the Father!

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