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Sunday, March 12, 2006 

10,000 Served!

Site meter has just alerted me that I received my 10,000 hit here at Christ and Culture. It was logged at 3:35:36 pm from Nashville, TN using Bellsouth.net. The reader accessed my blog through SBC Outpost by clicking the link posted by cks in the comments' section under the topic heading, "Rogers and Yarnell [Updated]." In light of this honor and the fact that we are in the season of awards shows, I would just like to take a moment to thanks those who made this happen:

Thank you,
  • To the 10,000 reader for visiting my site and making my dreams come true.
  • To those who read my blog and who checked it even during those times of inactivity.
  • To my parents for having me and teaching me the importance of speaking out.
  • To my wife for putting up with my blog compulsion and for reading my blog on occasions.
  • To all those who have linked to my blog -- there are too many to name, but you know who you are.
  • And to all those bloggers from whom I have gained much knowledge and insight.

So, let me say thanks to all of those and anyone else I might have left out.



D.R. You are an inspiration to all the little people. The little people who are waiting in anticipation for Memphis to go out in the first round, that is.

Thanks though, I enjoy your blogging very much. You've made it on to my list of quick links on my browser.

Cheers Daniel! It has been a real privilege of mine to get to know you a bit through the blogosphere. I appreciate the work you do and the solid convinctions you share. Continue to honor the Lord with a spirit of excellency in all you do.


It's your old PhillyFuge/NOBTS pal, Scott, who's still on the other side of the world (coming home for a while in April though). Lost your email, but am enjoying the blog. Congrats on 10,000!

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