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Thursday, March 09, 2006 

IMB Humor

A friend sent me this today and I thought it worth posting. Click on the pic to blow it up.

I think it's tasteless and inflammatory.

I thought it was a bit much as well, but the person who sent it to me begged me to post it -- it was pathetic how bad they wanted me to put this up. So tell it to the jerk who created it. Well, actually I guess you just did because I am sure they will be checking in to see if I did put it up. Thanks for the input.

That's pretty funny, but "white papers"? I'm guessing that maybe half, no less than half the people who have ever worked in a cubicle know what "white papers" are let alone churchmen...

Yeah, I agree. So, it's tasteless, inflammatory, and also snotty.

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