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Wednesday, April 26, 2006 

Al Mohler to Start Weblog on Southern Baptist Convention

This afternoon I was blessed to be able to attend the Band of Bloggers meeting at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. It was an event birthed out of the heart and mind of Tim Brister of Provocations and Pantings and hosted by the seminary in conjunction with the Together for the Gospel Conference which is being held here in Louisville over the next three days. The event is expected to draw thousands of Evangelicals to this heavily Southern Baptist city from a range of denominations including members from the Presbyterian Church of America, the Baptist General Convention, and a group of churches under the banner of Sovereign Grace Ministries. Earlier today R.C. Sproul spoke in chapel at Southern Seminary and will be one of three special guest speakers at the conference, along with John Piper and John MacArthur. The conference is being hosted by four leading voices in Evangelicalism: Mark Dever, Ligon Duncan, C.J. Mahaney, and Albert Mohler.

So, this afternoon a group of bloggers got together for a time of fellowship and to hear discussions on blogging by a panel of well known Evangelical keystrokers. Along with Dr. Albert Mohler, others on the panel included Tim Challies of Challies.Com, Justin Taylor of Between Two Worlds, and Dr. Russell Moore of the Henry Institute and a regular contributor to Mere Comments. The discussion centered around issues ranging from "what is blogging?" to "pros and cons of blogging in a postmodern world." After a short dialogue between the panel speakers led by Dr. Mohler, the floor was opened up for questions.

About halfway through the dialogue, Dr. Mohler began speaking about the nature of the content of weblogs and made a startling announcement that many will be glad to hear -- in the next week or so, Dr. Albert Mohler will be starting a new blog specifically dealing with issues in the Southern Baptist Convention. The blog will be called Conventional Thinking. He had little else to add, other than he hoped to target those who are interested in what is happening right now in the SBC.

In light of this and the fact that many (including myself) have been critical of Mohler's "slow to speak" reputation on issues pertaining to the SBC, I would like to throw out a few questions for those of you interested in this sort of thing to ponder and to which you can respond in the comments section.
  1. What sorts of issues going on in the SBC would you like to see Dr. Mohler address?
  2. Do you think Mohler's decision to start a weblog on the SBC is going to be a positive or negative thing for the SBC? For Younger Leaders? For Convention Leaders? For his reputation?
  3. Do you think Dr. Mohler will tow the convention line or will he surprise some of his critics by writing things that tend to go against the Establishment's views?
  4. Knowing that Dr. Mohler's web-writings don't allow for comments, do you think that his weblog on this subject will be of much benefit? And if you think it will, what is the best way for people to interact with Mohler's views?
  5. Finally, do you think his opinion will change anyone's minds in such a way that it could squash any minority views or bring any of them to fruition?
As a blogger and a young observer of the SBC, this fascinates me that Mohler has chosen this time -- only a couple of months away from what promises to be an important meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention, one in which Marty Duren of SBC Outpost (who has been writing for months on the subject of the SBC) has stated, "Greensboro '06 is Houston '79 is the future of the SBC" (emphasis his). What will Mohler's commentary mean for the upcoming convention? Right now we can only guess, but I am sure come June we will know.

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Another blog? Whoa - between his blog, his commentary, his radio show, and his job as professor to the flagship Seminary of the SBC how does this guy fit it all into a day?

As someone who went to SWBTS, Dr. M seems like a great guy. I love reading his commentaries and how he handles himself on TV. I welcome his thoughts.

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