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Friday, April 07, 2006 

John Piper on BP News

John Piper's controversial article, "Don't Waste Your Cancer" was picked up by BP News today and posted under their "First-Person" editorial section. I wanted to take this opportunity to commend the editors of BP News for making such a bold move in light of recent controversies over the article itself (which this blog touched on almost two months ago) as well as Dr. Piper, himself, who has been accused by at least one prominent denomination leader of subscribing to the heresy of Hyper-Calvinism. I hope this action by BP News will accomplish at least two things:

1. Raise the bar academically, theologically, and spiritually for future "First-Person" editorials
2. Bring awareness to the ministry of John Piper, Desiring God, which has been a catalyst for spiritual and theological growth throughout evangelicalism

Dr. Piper is the type of columnist that BP News needs to highlight more often. As a fellow Baptist and conservative Christian, his cooperation should go a long way to uniting us as a denomination with other like-minded Christian organizations.

And speaking of John Piper's article on cancer, another recently diagnosed cancer patient, Dr. David Powlison, Editor of the Journal of Biblical Counseling and a professor at the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation, has recently "added some helpful expansions to John Piper’s 'Don't Waste Your Cancer' article," according to DesiringGod.Org that are worth reading.

It's good to see you meet a challenge head-on D.R., and show all your critics you can post on several consecutive days.

...it's also good to see you posting on something worthwhile again, like anything but baseball.

I think it would be great for more people to be introduced to Piper. Hopefully, this will open a door for similar types of articles.

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