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Friday, April 28, 2006 

Updating the Blog

I have made a few minor modifications to the sidebar of the blog of which I wanted to make you aware. Gone are a few links, including the entire "Moderate, Liberal, and Emergent Blogs" section. Replacing it are two new sections of links -- "SBC Issues," which is a section of blogs dealing specifically (or at least mostly) with the Southern Baptist Convention (Dr. Mohler's new website mentioned below will be included as soon as the URL becomes available), and "Other Blogs I Read," which incorporates some of the blogs in the aforementioned deleted section, as well as a few new links that will be coming in the future. Additionally, I have added a link to my My Space page for those of you into that sort of thing. Finally, I have added a new Blog group, Band of Bloggers, birthed out of the recent fellowship at the Together for the Gospel Conference (another new link added under "Ministries") that will hopefully be up and running soon.

As for the future of the blog, I had been posting sporadically (as many of you know who have emailed or posted to remind me of my infrequency), but that will soon change. I am going to start posting more, even if it is only an article or a link with a brief commentary. I hope to do more book reviews in the future, as well as some mini-reviews which will offer reaction to certain principles or ideas in other books that I skim or scan, but do not read exhaustively. The first one of these will be up soon on Kevin Phillips' new provocative book, American Theocracy. I was recently able to attend a standing-room-only lecture he gave at Bellarmine University here in Louisville on this book. Overall, look for more from Christ and Culture in the future. And thanks to those regular readers that keep me on my toes every day with your comments and emails.

**Update. Thanks to Art (see comments on this post), I have become aware of the fact that Beacon Churches has reposted a couple of my articles from the past week. I have added a link to their news page (where you will find my articles), as well as to their main ministry page. Art wanted me to point out that they do offer an open forum for discussion that is available to all that register an account on the site.


zzhello Daniel!
Great blog already! Looking forward to more. Beacochurches has reposted some of your stuff on their news page, (giving credit to you, its how I got here)
How about a link to the beacon forum? http://www.beaconchurches.phpbbweb.com/

Art Jaggard

Art, thanks for making me aware of them posting my articles. I am glad to know someone thinks what I write worth posting in their news section. I will post a link to their news site on my sidebar. As for the forum, I don't know exactly where to categorize that, but will put an additional link to the entire ministry site under the ministries tab. I have set up an account though, so I will at least be over at the forum and may from time to time link certain conversations. Thanks again for the tip and I hope you continue to visit frequently.

DR, I encourage you to add a technorati profile to your sidebar and start tagging your posts. It'll help you get more hits, and a broader conversation. Plus with Technorati you can see who is linking you. It's good stuff. www.technorati.com.

Thanks for the tip Joe. It took me a while to figure it out, but I think I got it. Let me know if something is wrong with the way I did it. When it comes to templates, tags, and really anything to do with blogging, I am at a loss. BTW, how do you get those book thumbnails on your blog? You know, like "What I am reading" or "good books"? And if you know what I can do to my template to add another sidebar to the other side let me know. Thanks again man.

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