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Tuesday, April 15, 2008 

More Changes

Over the past few months (o.k. the past year), I have neglected my blog. I have had plenty of things to say (as most of you know), but unfortunately, I have been lazy in my writing. However, I hope to once again begin to blog soon.

Just to update those of you who still visit the blog or who subscribe by RSS, I have recently accepted a position as Pastor at a church just outside of Athens, GA - Cleveland Road Baptist Church. My wife and I will be moving there in the next couple of weeks and my first Sunday is tentatively set for May 4th. We are thrilled to have been led by the Lord to serve this congregation.

Because of that, I believe I should get back in the habit of blogging, not just for myself, but for those in my congregation, and those considering attending Cleveland Road in the Athens area. Currently we do not have a church website, but I hope to eventually put one together and link my blog to it. And I am considering a second blog, specifically for the congregation, which would be a 5-day devotional reading related to the Sunday morning sermon.

To those ends, tomorrow I will be attending the Band of Bloggers fellowship, which coincides with the Together for the Gospel Conference, which I will also be attending this week. Hopefully, I will be able to fellowship with fellow bloggers and possibly get some ideas about how to make my site better and more pointed. One of the things I have struggled with over the past year is what I should or shouldn't post on my blog. Having the title of "Christ and Culture" seems like it allows a great deal of flexibility, but in reality I believe that I want narrow the focus to issues which Christians should consider in the public square. I think other points of interest, such as liberal theological positions and Scriptural interpretation are important, but often so wide that my blog ends up being about everything instead of anything in particular. Thus, my ideas are too plentiful to create a true niche in the Christian blogosphere.

So, be patient and watch for future posts. And pray for the new chapter of our life to unfold with wonder and awe and that it would be glorifying to God.

I will be praying for you!!! May the Lord bless your ministry and bless the church as you seek to shepherd the flock of God and testify to the Gospel of the grace of God.

Congratulations! I'm sure you'll do well.

Having a "niche" within the blogosphere certainly helps. I have long been convinced that my perfidious habit of blogging about whatever happens to be on my mind has cost me a lot of readers. However, since in my case I principally blog to vent and secondarily to inform and entertain other people, it hardly matters.

In your case, things are different. The "inform and educate" aspect of blogging, particularly on a handful of issues, has to have pride of place.

I look forward to seeing the results. And I imagine I can remember to ask our prayer group to pray for y'all tomorrow night...

I sure your congregants will be the wiser as you wax eloquently about human growth hormones and Memphis basketball and somehow convince them of their nexus to Jesus, as he is lord of all sports, even the esoteric ones like hockey.

Glad to see you back up and running...and congrats on the position. I look forward to a return of your heated and stimulating debates.

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