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Friday, July 31, 2009 

Another Edition of the Friday Funnies

I know I promised more posts, but so far, I have been unable to deliver. Thankfully, the Friday Funnies are still in gear, and here is yet another edition. Inspired by the recent grandstanding of former President Jimmy Carter, who once again resigned from the Southern Baptist Convention (hadn't he already done that? And hasn't he figured it out by now that you can't "resign" from the denomination, especially when you remain a member of an SBC Church?) over the issue of the SBC's stance on female roles in the Church and home, I thought some Jerry Clower would cheer all of us up, particularly his meeting with "The She-Coon of Women's Lib". **See my comments below for clarification on the term "she-coon".**

**Though I published this post over a year ago with no controversy whatsoever, in recent days I have come under attack from some bloggers who claim that the term "she-coon" is an obvious racial slur. However, this viewpoint is far from legitimate reality. First, the term "she-coon" is itself a Southern colloquialism which refers to a woman who is in charge and at times dominate. Like a mother raccoon, she is willing to attack when necessary. While this term is as common today as it was in the past, it is nonetheless, still used. You can find it used by a female journalist in this article and a male journalist here (both of which are in reference to Janet Reno). If the term was such an obvious racial slur, then neither article would have made it past the copy editor and certainly someone would have made a stink about it by now. Finally, there is the issue of who exactly Clower was speaking of when he used the term. Here is an article by Darrell Huckaby where he claims that the person in question is no other than Gloria Steinem, certainly the dominate woman in charge of the women's liberation movement. Thus, there is no sensible reason to conclude that Jerry Clower's use of this term was in any way meant to be a racist slur.**

Carter did not say that he resigned. His words were "sever ties." I once had a member of my congregation (A Southern Baptist Church) who became upset with something the convention did. Since about 10% of our budget went to the cooperative program, she requested that 10% of her tithe be removed from the funds we sent to the SBC.

She was a member of a Southern Baptist Church, but had severed her ties with the convention.

You're right Mark, Carter did not use that term, but several media reports did. I don't think that changes the fact that you can't really sever ties twice. He already did it in 2000, and now he did it again. But unlike the woman you mentioned, he did not at all acknowledge how he was severing ties, while remaining a member of a Church that is affiliated with the SBC, which is strange indeed.

I would think that if he were serious enough to announce this (twice, no less!), that he would either push his Church to sever its ties to the SBC, or leave it altogether. It's one thing to make a private choice - it's quite another to make it a public spectacle.

I looked up coon at dictionary.com.

1. raccoon.
2. Slang: Disparaging and Offensive . a black person.
3. a rustic or undignified person.


1735–45, Americanism ; aph. form

As it is clear he is not discussing an animal, at least one of the other 2 choices applies. If you find this humorous, I feel sorry for you as neither are respectful terms. You may want to remove it.


You apparently are not from the South, or possibly you are only seeking to level some sort of ad hominem attack against me.

A "She-Coon" is an old Southern expression which refers to a powerful, outspoken (and often combative) women. A simple Google search would have shown that Katherine Harris, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi have been termed "She-Coons" in just the regard I mentioned above.

I recommend a little Clower for you. It might do you some good. And teach you some good ole Southern culture.

Okay, so I found the original offensive use of the term "she coon."

Some people have no sense of humor.

You know, I was on a Christian feminist group where all kinds of sexist jokes were told about men - but do not dare touch the goddess. Do not dare notice the double standard, either.

I read one Christian feminist discussion where they were making fun of a Korean American, asking him if he could speak English. They were belittling him for his lack of enlightenment.

I read another Christian feminist exchange where one woman commented on one African American, inner city church was teaching men to be the leaders in the home. She said that maybe those living in those places needed such teaching. Wouldn't that be a racist comment? I mean, "those people" needed Complementarian teaching, but not educated, enlightened white women?

I have asked one Christian feminist apologist to explain why Christian feminists were involved in the the passage of eugenics laws in the province of Alberta during the mid 20th century. Now that was an example of real racism. As far as I know, she has never given an explanation.

I know these people too well...and have had run ins with them online. They are not nice people, and they have some pretty ugly racist issues themselves.

Well, you don't have to post this unless you want to, but this is just FYI.

Don't get discouraged.

Ms. Webfoot,

Again, sorry that it took so long to post your comment. Again, it was an oversight on my part.

I think your experience brings up a good point. Many people are quick to gasp at what they perceive to be an injustice by someone they ideologically disagree with, but quite slow to acknowledge similar "gasp-worthy" comments from those on their own side.

The real truth is that regardless of whether one is right or wrong Biblically, there will always be jerks and extremists. And all of us will always point to said jerk or extremist to make our point (or in my case, make someone out to be a jerk or an extremist based on little to no real evidence in order to further our cause).

The Evangelical Feminists in my opinion seem to be headed directly for that stereotypical behavior.

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