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Tuesday, August 18, 2009 

Prosperity Gospel in the News Again

The "Prosperity Gospel" is in the news again, with an article in the New York Times about the recent Southwest Believers' Convention held in Fort Worth, TX, August 3rd through the 8th. As you may know, I am absolutely no fan of the "Prosperity Gospel", as I believe it is another gospel, that is really no gospel at all. In fact, I love this video produced by Desiring God Ministries (John Piper) a few years back

For those of you who are interested, Albert Mohler has a good commentary on this event, and the "Prosperity Gospel" as a whole. This is something that I believe that my moderate and liberal friends and I can agree on - the "Prosperity Gospel" is dangerous and tragic and should be opposed by all of God's people.

Paul the Apostle told Timothy in
2nd Tim. 4:2 to "rebuke, correct and exhort in love". Thank you for taking a stand and for doing just that. We all know that (physically speaking) cancer cells must be cut out of the body for wellness of the entire body.
This also at times may apply to spiritual cancer cells such as false doctrines like the prosperity gospel infecting the body of Christ.
You are similar to His Spiritual Surgeons. I believe this is the mantle the Lord has given you and we all should be grateful.
Here is my take on the root of greed and materialism and how it sprang to life and originated in many of our modern day Churches.
The door was opened by the incorrect teaching of tithing, while dismissing the New Covenant of free Grace. Thus began the false mindset that God must be paid for His blessings and favor. and will return your money investment with a financial windfall. If the Church acknowledges the sin of improperly teaching the Lord's New Covenant/New Testament Church that a tithe payment for answered prayers is required, then start teaching the correct way to voluntarily give as was instructed by The Apostle Paul in 2n Cor. 9:7 things will change for the better. The door will be slammed shut on manipulating the saints with fear, pride, greed and giving to get for materialism. Old law was nailed to the Cross and fulfilled by Jesus alone. How is it good logic to teach New Covenant Believers to keep one Jewish Mosaic Law while dismissing the other six hundred plus Old Testament Old Covenant laws that were also required for God's blessing??? This is a fair question that goes unanswered.
Free grace is available for every area of our lives.

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