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Friday, July 07, 2006 

Friday Funnies: The Star Wars Edition

I saw this picture at the Citizen Bezner blog and I knew it had to be my next Friday Funnies.

But, I also wanted to include a picture I took this weekend on my trip to Memphis.

I hope to provide some more commentary on this church and their new statue. For now, here are a couple of articles about it:

Church Unveiling Its Own Version of the Statue of Liberty

Statue Of Liberation Unveiled At Memphis Church

I will say that some have interpreted it as a Church-State statement, but I think something more insidious is going on here. But more on that later. Thanks to Jay at TheMemphisMonkey.com for bringing it to my attention.

I offered some commentary on said statue of liberation.

It was therapeutic.

With the covering, Lady Liberty looks rather Muslim, to me. Is she wearing a burka?

Don't care for it, myself - wouldn't want one in my neighborhood.

Sir, I left you a comment on the following post.


Dan, yeah good observation (it looks really wierd in the picture, but it's very clearly a veil when you see it up close. From what I either read or was told by my friend Jay, it was "veiled", so as to be "unveiled" on July 4th. I don't think it is so much a burka, as a harem-type veil, something you would see in period piece movies like Lawrence of Arabia. And unfortunatly, if my wife and I move back to Memphis next year, which we hope to do, we will have to see it often. Thankfully, we likely won't be over on Winchester Rd. very often. But yes, I feel for those folks who have to live near there.

Sir, I challenge you to a duel. ;-)

It was supposed to be unveiled on July fourth according to the article I read about it. I too have been by there and seen it in person. The pictures don't do it justice. It's truly an eyesore. I have been busy this week, but I did want to get by there and see it uncovered. It is supposed to have a tear on her face crying for America or something. I LOVE the AWESOME picture. I want one for over my computer desk.

Are they selling screened t-shirts, magnets, commerative spoons, or bobble heads with the statues likeness? If yes, pick me up a few the next time you're in Memphis. I bet they would sell like hot cakes on ebay. Do you think it would be a sin to auction off idols? I suspect the answer is no if you elevate democracy and a free-market economy to god-like status!
- Sean

I expect that it depends on what your motivations are. If you're an iconoclast, purchasing icons for the purpose of mockery, you're okay.

If, on the other hand, you're a devout one purchasing a cheesy Lady Liberation bobblehead for veneration purposes, well then you're troubled emotionally.

But since God doesn't hold mental illness against us, either way, I reckon you're okay.

Jeez, you get on to me about posting Spurgeon but you post some picture about some statue. D.R., you should be ashamed. I have a new post on mine just for you.

One of my colleagues, a newer guy here, just brought a poster of the Star Wars rock band. He had it framed at B.A. Framer and now it's like a centerpiece in his office.

So, what do you think they're playing? I say van Halen...Discuss...

The Awesome picture made me smile

but the statue? Hoo boy. I like the original "mighty woman with a torch... Mother of Exiles" better.

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