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Friday, October 15, 2010 

Show Me "More Friday Funnies"!! - Family Feud Edition

Despite the recent, ridiculous controversy over a previous segment of Friday Funnies, I am still determined to make the few readers I have left laugh out loud. Here is a great clip of the old Game Show, Family Feud, where Richard Dawson absolutely loses it at the response of one of the contestants. Enjoy.

This made me laugh out loud. It's probably bigoted, racist, sexist, and homophobic somehow, but it's pretty funny.

Sorry that I am late in publishing your comments. I'm still getting used to using my Blackberry in coordination with my email (and used to moderating comments). Sometimes when something comes to my Blackberry I forget that I have to go to my email to do anything with it. This is one of those cases. So, again I apologize. Great comment though, especially in light of my last Friday Funny!

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